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Our Company
Doke Hosting offers satisfied solution to your webmaster’s need. Comprised with our technology and customer service, Doke Hosting is your one stop shop to all of your web needs. Using the latest in server control panel, Doke Hosting is able to give our clients a stable and powerful webhosting platform.

Our Team
Doke Hosting is comprised of a group of experienced professionals in the webhosting and customer service industry. We have highly skilled support technicians working to answer all of your questions. We also have technicians who are working to make sure your websites are always online.

Our Technology

We understand that web designers need to host many domains so we only use servers that are up to the job of providing a reliable platform in this demanding environment.

We provide service to the Hyperthreaded Intel Pentium IV 3.06ghz with 2gb ram and dual drives which are at the cutting edge of server technology to ensure that the domains will always load fast. The servers are located in the world class, state-of-the-art NAC datacenter in Parsippany, New Jersey. This enormous facility is connected to a vast array of backbone providers via multiple OC-12 connections. NAC has made and continues to make massive investment in the expansion of the facility and network infrastructure and by utilizing this combination of network and server technology, we are able to deliver a hosting experience that is almost unrivalled in the hosting industry.

The Network

Welcome to our extensive Network section. Here you can find details on the NAC data center, its network and connectivity plus various static and interactive tours.

The NAC Data Center
We realized early on that a hosting company is only as good as the network that powers it. Our hosting provider has servers that are housed in the multi-million dollar NAC (Net Access) Data Center, a vast facility with its own network located in Parsippany, New Jersey. The Data Center is connected to a multitude of backbone providers by multiple OC-12 connections and indeed, with the recent service extension to London, Net Access is now an international backbone provider itself.

Hardware and Network Technology
The NAC data center is a robust facility and the network is contructed with top-grade equipment and manned by skilled network engineers. Significant investments have been made in equipment from major vendors such as Cisco and Lucent. Using industry leading equipment that has a proven track record is the best choice, and is well worth the extra expense. Utilizing top-grade equipment may seem like a simple observation, but it is surprising how many companies either overlook it or decide that it's safe to economize. Economy is always nice until your network goes down, at which point you are likely to lose many times the money you saved.

You can be assured that NAC uses quality network hardware and that data center technicians work around the clock, using such technologies as ATM and BGP dynamic routing to ensure that all systems run efficiently and smoothly.

Connectivity and Node Reliability
NAC's connections to multiple backbone providers, and peering with many carriers on a regional and international basis, allows it to easily reach remote networks even in the case where a NAP may be unhealthy, or when a specific backbone connection is down. Intelligent routing decisions can always be made; for example, if we are trying to reach a remote network which is on the Sprint network, there's no reason to send it out to UUNET first.

By placing core nodes at places like Equinix and Telehouse, NAC is guaranteed a level of competent service. All of the network's core nodes employ SONET networks, which essentially provides a dual-redundant, counter-rotating ring technology, and in the event of a fiber cut, the SONET will automatically heal itself. Also, circuits are divided among several telecommunications providers, such as Verizon, MFS/Worldcom, and Adelphia.

The NAC staff is working around the clock to ensure that the network is operating at optimum state. They continually review collected statistics to watch for traffic trends so that we can react with the proper routing adjustments and bandwidth addition.

Backbones, unreliability and the NAC solution
A backbone is a set of paths that local or regional networks connect to for long-distance interconnection. The connection points are known as network nodes or telecommunication data switching exchanges (DSEs). Many data centers rely on one backbone provider (such as UUNET, Sprint, or AT&T) for its connection to the rest of the Internet. As the data center grows, it usually buys more bandwidth from its existing backbone provider. This has the advantage of simplicity and consistency, but it has an unfortunate side effect - the data center has a single point of failure in backbone provider it has chosen. If the backbone fails, so does the data center and all its users go down with it.

In this day and age, is it really possible that regional, national and international backbones can be so unreliable and unstable? The truth is is that scenarios such as this are a common occurence. Even top notch networks occasionally go down because of factors beyond their control. Network outages happen all the time, for varying reasons, and there will probably never be a time when they don't happen. It also happens that backbones, even ones with names you've probably heard of, may not be using the best equipment or the most knowledgeable people to build their networks, even at the national or international levels.

As with most ISPs, NAC started out seven years ago with a single connection to the Internet via one backbone provider. As the need of users grew, instead of buying larger access to a single provider, NAC started to interconnect with many other backbone providers, and other Internet Service Providers as well and now also maintains its own international backbone which in itself, is used by other providers.

A Powerful Platform
In summary, the combination of technical experience, the latest technology, and quality network hardware, Net Access has created one of the most reliable networks in the region. We have deployed and continue to develop our network to provide the speed and reliability the businesses and consumers demand, at an affordable price.